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Menswear Spring/ Summer 2012: The Leather Jacket

A friend of mine recently expressed displeasure in the fact that SACstyle only features womanswear.  Being perfectly honest, discussing menswear never really occurred to me; the authentic element of SACstyle is that I do not reccommend things that I would not wear myself.  However, menswear is still fashion and, I have come to realise, just as fun as womanswear; i may not be able to actually wear the clothes but I could style my husband which would be way fun!  So, to not leave my male readers feelings excluded and to give my female readers some inspiration for gift buying and dressing up their male aquaintances I have decided to delve into the previously unknown world of menswear…

Everyone in the world should own a leather jacket!  This is not up for discussion!  There is no more versatile item of clothing than a leather jacket.  Ladies can team it with jeans and converse or pretty dresses alike and men can add it to a good pair of jeans for rock and roll edge or, as was huge on the Spring/ Summer 2012 runways, throw it over a pair of classic trousers for a sexy, laid back look.  Check out some of these catwalk looks…


Jean Paul Gaultier

Dolce and Gabbana

As I always say, channeling the runway is not about direct imitation, it is about finding inspiration and making it work for you.  Here is how I would style the look…

This is an incredibly cool look for smart casual chic.  I would advise wearing the jacket open about half way so that you can see the shirt and tie ensemble.  £75 may seem a little steep for an accessory but these Richard James silk ties are exquisite and really adds something a little extra special that you do not get from a standard tie.  (This is a great gift for a man- make a mental note!)

A leather jacket really will last you a lifetime if you buy a good quality one; I have worn mine for ten years and it still looks great!  Definitely invest in real leather, faux leather looks cheap and does not, generally, last five minutes.  Get the leather jacket right for this look and the rest will fall into place.  

More from SACstyle menswear coming soon…


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